All too often we hear of incidents of random attacks without reason: rape, robbery, purposeless bullying and many types of life-threatening situations. What shall you do if you were in these situations? It is true that the probability of finding yourself in one of those threatening situations is rather slim, and you could always calm yourself by thinking that it will never happen to you. But the fact is that many people do find themselves under attack everyday. It does happen, and you should be ready to defend yourself, your family, or any innocent people who cannot defend them selves. These are the types of situations that fostered the development of many Goshin-jutsu systems.

Goshin-jutsu, which means self-defense in Japanese, is defined as a modern martial art system based on Japanese jujutsu. Frequently it is a gendai sogo bujutsu system or modern composite martial art. These systems have a primary focus on modern day defensive tactics, and less focus on traditional or classical techniques. Example systems would be many of the modern systems that go by the name "jujutsu," but which do not have links to the traditional jujutsu systems (such as Miyama-ryu Jujutsu, Danzan-ryu Jujutsu, Budoshin Jujutsu, and Ketsugo-ryu Jujutsu).

There are six fundamental categories in Goshin-jutsu:

You will also learn how to protect yourself by:

Almost every training session will include a Goshin-jutsu section in which the students will either learn how to deal with specific situations, or review what they have learned in previous sessions. For example, you will learn how to defend yourself from a choke, a grab, a punch, and also how to deal with a knife attack, or even with an attacker who points a gun at you and you have no way to escape.

Senshin-ryu () Goshin-jutsu is the martial art system taught at the Mizukan Dojo. The curriculum taught at the Mizukan Dojo can be found by following this linkIt would have been much nicer if we did not have to learn how to defend ourselves. If there was no evil and there were no bad people. Reality, however, is different. Let's practice together so that we could feel more secure, and hope that we will never have to use Goshin-jutsu.  


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