Brazilian Jiujitsu


There is a common misconception running through the martial arts community.  Most martial artists believe that Brazilian Jiujitsu is based on Japanese Jujutsu; this is not the case.   Brazilian Jiujitsu is not a traditional or even a modern Jujutsu system.  Its foundation is based on Kodokan Judo, not traditional Jujutsu, and it primary focus is on no-holds-barred tournaments, not self-defense.  Maeda Mitsuyo was one of Jigoro Kano’s best Kodokan Judo students. Maeda trained Carlos Gracie in Kodokan Judo, not Jujutsu. The Gracie’s then evolved the system into their own Gracie Jiujitsu system, which is very effective, but is not based on koryu Jujutsu.

The information I got was from a biography on Maeda called: "Raion no yume. Konde Koma, Maeda Mitsuyo den." (A Lion's dream. Count de Koma), in this it states that, “Maeda stated in his autobiography that he took Kodokan judo techniques and pared them down to the simplest, most effective methods exploiting what he observed were the weaknesses of wrestling and boxing. He studied the two enough to see what were their strengths. He is quoted as saying that he took elements from taryu shiai judo (judo techniques specifically used for matches against other schools), pared them down, and used techniques that were deemed most effective.”

Maeda did study Tenshin Shin'yo-ryu jujutsu, but only as a boy, and not for very long, according to the biography.


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